Time for an update


Four years ago this week Warwick and Ruth were bringing Ulysses home to Queensland. We started this blog at that time to enable friends and family to keep track of our trip, and to effectively become our web diary of that wonderful and memorable voyage. Since we arrived back home we have let this blog lay dormant, but as with everything posted on the web, it was still there, hiding in cyberspace and ready to be pick up where we left off. So our plan now is to not only use these pages as a record of that first delivery trip in 2010 but to continue as an on-going page, documenting our (eventual) cruising life.

So now is probably a good time for a brief update on where Ulysses is and what she has been up to for the past four years.

Ulysses’ home port now is Newport Waterways, located on the picturesque Redcliffe Peninsula, about a half hours drive north of Brisbane. She has mostly been enjoying the occasional day trip and overnighters on Moreton Bay, and her crew has recently joined the very friendly Moreton Bay Yacht Club, purely for the fun of social sailing (read racing…) That is, if we ever happen to get a Wednesday or Saturday when we’re both free from other things.

The current cruising plan is sometime SOON. Maybe. Just when we were ready to head north in June this year, Ruth happens to get offered a good paying job, without really looking too hard, so the cruise north was deferred, again, in preference to being able to eat once again. But we will eventually head out of that channel to north of Moreton Bay and start to enjoy what these comfortable cruising cats were actually designed to do – cruising!

So thanks for checking in on us, and as they say in the movies, stay tuned, and we’ll be on our way soon, when you can once again all start laughing at our attempts to look like two sailors who think they know what they are doing, while they have fun learning that they don’t.

Ciao for now. Warwick and Ruth (we did Italy in May this year, so the Italiano is still rolling off the tongue/keyboard)


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