We’re back in Moreton Bay

We left Bums Bay at 0700hrs to motor up to Runaway Bay, to refuel and pick up our friends Brent and Chris Martz While we were refueling another Seawind pulls up beside us and it turns out to be Royce, Seawinds delivery skipper, bringing an 1160 south. How is it that both boats, one north bound and one south bound can both be copping head winds? Anyway, it was great to get hold of Royce, to look at a few of the issues that we’re having with Ulysses. And it turns out that it’s not these new owners being picky, we do have a few legitimate gripes. Royce is on to it and Seawind will shortly be doing something about them.
We spent the morning motoring up to Moreton Bay, where we anchored at Blakesleys Anchorage for the evening. But the forecast had changed to expect northerlies again overnight so we up anchored and headed for one of our favorite anchorages, Horseshoe Bay on Peel Island. As I type the wind hasn’t yet turned so it’s a little rolly, but still quite pleasant. We arrived right on sunset and took some hopefully great publicity shots for the website, with full sails up and our logo looking great in the setting sun I’ll try to get them up on the blog tomorrow while we do our final leg home, but for now its time for a few card games and an early night.
Post script, 1230am So much for the northerlies, it is now blowing 25kts from the SE and its uncomfortable. Have just checked the weather as I’m considering moving but it shows it is abating from the south, so we’ll stick it out for another hour and see how it goes. Bloody weather forecasters – we moved around to Horseshoe Bay because it is good in northerlies, but exposed to the south, o what to we get? Southerlies. We’ve been wanting southerlies for the past two weeks and they have to arrive now. Aargh….


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