Guess what? More NE’ly’s

Position 2nm east of Ballina.

We departed Yamba at 0800 this morning, just after the high tide. We had considered spending the day there and departing in the evening for a night run up to The Gold Coast, based on yesterdays forecast being similar to what we had experienced yesterday, but when we got up this morning we were back to light NE’ly winds again, and now an overcast sky, so the appeal of a night run had waned somewhat. We are just passing a fleet of Riviera power-boats, 9 that we can count, on their way to Yamba. The marina isn’t looking forward to refueling 9 of them, but I suppose it will be a nice little earner for them.

Yesterdays bar crossing into Yamba was another one for the book of experience. Our Lucas guide advised that on occasions following the leads in will take you through white water and in those circumstances it is better to duck around, either north or south and cross inside the white water. We saw a large stink boat (it was a 57’ Princess) holding off, then heading to the south, then back to the north, so we figured we’d watch them and then follow. But where they were heading was definite white water so we called them up and they said they weren’t going in. We told them that our course from the south was clear of white water and that they may want to consider our course. It turned into a textbook entry, with white water abeam us but none on our path, just a few swells to surf once inside the heads, so they followed us and afterwards invited us over for a beer for thanks. It worked out well but we both don’t really enjoy bar crossings. We ended up going out for dinner with the crew of Y Knot, to the Yamba Hotel, perched on the headland overlooking the bar entrance. It certainly looked smoother from up there.

Ruth just reported another 6 Riviera’s passing, and their wakes are certainly playing havoc with our not-so comfortable ride.


2 responses to “Guess what? More NE’ly’s

  1. The Yknot Crew

    We had a great run down to Port Maquarie with the seas calming down the further south we went. Port Maquarie bar was a dream – we could have nearly water skiied over it – well not quite! We thought of you as we passed Coffs and the VMR reported gale force winds north of Yamba and strong winds south of the Gold Coast. Hope you have weathered this well
    We are heading further South this morning with the weather forcast detorating so we may spend the night in Port Stephens and then down to Newcastle on Saturday.
    Hope you are well and thankyou again for you brave entrance into Yamba, you gave us great confidence – (as far as bar crossings are concerned – I am a wimp!)
    Good luck with your travels

    The Stink Boat – Yknot

  2. Janie - Skedaddle

    congratulations to the intrepid pair – KNEW you could do it!!!! Wouldn’t life be boring if everything ran to plan. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog – Greg’s now back in Townsville for a week so I have Sydney for myself, hence my sail blog reading in the cold and rain!

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