This is what we signed up for

Position Latitude S30.05.0 Longitude E153.15.8 (Solitary Islands) Almost becalmed, speed 6 knots, motor-sailing on one motor

An early departure from Coffs saw us out of the harbour at 0600 into the sunrise. We turned left and moved into light variable winds with a slow rolling Westerly swell of about 1 meter. We raised the sails and motored sailed north. Finally, a beautiful clear day with gentle sailing. An hour after we set out we were joined by a pod of 6 dolphins who stayed playing with us at our bow for half an hour. Then we saw a couple of flying fish , the first for this trip, and Rick decided they were flying away from prey which then prompted him to decide that it was a good time to fish. Note to self; check line before throwing into the deep blue! The swivel had rusted out and the line along with his big fish hook drifted off behind us. No fishing for big fish today!

At the time of writing we are experiencing glassy seas with a minimal swell – such a dramatic change from our last outing. We are getting some house keeping done ; Rick is sorting through his tool box and we have rigged a tweaker for the jib sail to help move it into position on the traveller without having to go up front.

I think it might be baking time! Steve, it is chocolate chip bikkies today!


3 responses to “This is what we signed up for

  1. Gee hard life for some! Sounds like you are having an interesting time, looking forward to seeing your new toy when you get back. Have a few back copies of the Cruising Helmsman for you. Safe sailing.


  2. Michael Harper

    My kind of sailing…love to come and meet you in the bay but the power cat is back on the hardstand….bloody motors!!!! What is your ETA for the rounding of the cape or are you doing the seaway and inland route?

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